Products List

Banquet Tables Canopies

30' Square( seats 4) Clear Sidewall
48" Rd. Table(seats 6)   Solid Sidewall
72" Rd Table (seats 10-12)   Window Sidewall
6' Long Table (seats 6-8)   10'x10' Canopy
60" Rd Table(seats 8-10)   10'x20' Canopy
60" Rd Table w/ umbrella w/ base   15'x15' Canopy
4' Long Table   20'x20' Canopy
6' Long wood Table ( Seats 8-10)   20'x30' Canopy
8' Long Table   20'x40' Canopy
  40'x40' Canopy
Chairs   Many other sizes available upon request. Canopy price includes set up and tear down. Delivery is extra. Asphalt and cement installations require anchoring methods other than the norm and extra fee may apply.
Chair Cover w/ Sash  
Dusty white folding Chairs Premium  
Dusty white folding Chairs  
Children Stackable Chairs
  Chaffing Dishes      
8 Quart Continental Trimline   Concession
Serving Fork, solid long handle   Popcorn Machine
Serving Forks, slotted handle   Sno Kone Machine
Serving Spoon, solid long handle   Cotton Candy Machine
Serving Tongs   Hot Dog Machine
4 Quart Round Polish Stainless  
  Helium Tanks Helium
  Linens   #20 Helium Tank
108" Round Fits 48" to Floor   #50 Helium Tank
90" Round Fits 60" Round   #80 Helium Tank
Table Drapes Fits 8' Table   #110 Helium Tank
Table Skirting 13'   #291 Helium Tank
Table Skirt 8' Table  
81x81 Iridescent Topper   Stages  
120" Round Fits 60" to Floor   4 x 4 Platforms section. Grey wood top
132 Round Fits 72" to Floor   Plat form Step
20x20 Napkins   Stage Bunting per Ft
54" Square Overlay   Stage Covering Per sq. ft.
60"x120" Long Fits 6' or 8' table   Drapes/ Curtains
72" Round Fits 48" Round  
72" Square Overlay   Coffee  
  72"x144" Long Fits 8' or 10' Tables   96-100 cup Coffee URN
  60 cup Farverware
  Dance Floors  
  Oak Parquet 3"X3" section   China  
9x9   Coffee Cup
9x12   Coffee saucer
12x12   creamer/ Sugar Set
12x15   Dessert/ B&B, Salad Plate
15x18   Dinner Plate 10 5/8"
18x21   Ivory or White imperial Swirl
Many other sizes available. Installation is included. Delivery is extra.   Salad, Soup Bowl
  Lily Bowl  
  Flatware   Magna Grade 27 1/4 oz.
  Oneida Flatware   Margarita 15 1/4 oz.
Stainless Dessert/ Salad Fork   14" Hurricane Globe
Stainless Dinner Fork   Soda Glass 16 oz.
Stainless Dinner Knife   Water Pitcher
Stainless Soup Spoon   Ivy Bowl
Stainless Teaspoon   Wine Carafe 1 Liter
Steak Knife   Wine Carafe 1/2 Liter
  14" Round Mirror
  Lighting and Accessories   18" Eiffel Tower Vase
  150 Watt Spot Light   3 3/4 Glass Ashtray
Rope Light   6 oz. Champabe Flute
Canopy lights   6 oz. Standard Champagne
8 Light Spiral   Highball 9 oz.
Strobe Light   Highball 11 oz.
50" Extension Cord   Glass Salt & Pepper Filled
500 Watt spot Light   9" Glass Floral Plate
Bubble Machine (Fluid included)   8 1/2 oz. White Wine
Fog Machine (Fluid Included)   8 1/2 oz. Red Wine
Park Light 4 Globe   11 1/2 oz. Water/ all Purpose
Park Light Single Bulb   7 1/2 Glass Floral Plate
100" Extension Cord   8 1/2 clear Glass Plate
  Garden Equipment Wedding White  
  Patio Heater 8'w/ propane White wicker flower basket each  
Astro Turf   Grecian Column set
Ficus Tree   Wide metal arch 60"W x 92"H
Ficus Tree w// twinkle lights   Half Moons
green Plants   40" Empire Column
Palm Tree 7'   72" Empire Column
  Arch Colonnade
  Beverage Fountain and Bowls   Grecian URN/ Planter
  3 Gallon 3 Tier Stainless Gold   White lace mail box
5 Gallon 3 Tier Stainless Gold   White lattice panel 3'x3'
7 Gallon 3 Tier Stainless Gold   White lattice panel 4'x7'1/2
  White register stand
  Candelabras & Wedding Items   30" Empire column
  Candle Flame Cover  
2-Flower Column   Audio Visual & Podium Sound  
Kneeling Bench - Single   Floor Podium No Sound  
Paradise Candles   Table Top Lectern With Sound
Register Stand   Table Top Podium No Sound
Round Arch Gold   Floor Lectern with Sound
Spiral is Light  
Trinity/ Unit 3 Lights   Bars  
Fan Light   Portable Bar 4' Wide 42" Height Walnut  
  24x60 Grill
      Sink PVC Portable
      Ice Tray
    Cooler 10 Gallons
    Bucket 18 Gallons
  6' Table Bar w/skirting